Chernobyl Terrorist Attack – PLAZA

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jatek rip Chernobyl Terrorist Attack – PLAZA

Témanyitás by SZIGO on Vas. 14 Május 2017, 10:10

Chernobyl Terrorist Attack – PLAZA

Developer: Play Publishing
Publisher: Play Publishing
Genre: Action
Size : 1.1 GB


When large numbers of heavily armed terrorists have taken over the Prypiat’ area, European governments shook in fear. Soon enough the fear grew even stronger after the terrorists have made contact. They want ten billion Euro in 24 hours or they will blow up the entire Chernobyl nuclear power plant, releasing clouds of deadly, radioactive materials high into the atmosphere all over the northern hemisphere.


1. Extract release
2. Mount ISO
3. Install the game
4. Play!

System Requirements:


OS: Windows XP
Processor: Intel Core i3
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce 8600
Storage: 3200 MB available space


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